I am a 29-years-old Brazilian, living in Sao Paulo, Brazil. A marketing professional graduate at ESPM. Product manager, social entrepreneur and photographer specializing in portraits and travel. I am also passionate about design, technology, human beings and how all these three things can connect.

Nowadays, I am a Product Manager at Work & Co and Founder of Antility. In old days I had worked as project and account manager for 8 years in agencies such as R/GA, SapientNitro, WundermanRazorfishDigitas, Nurun and Publicis for clients like PepsiCo, MasterCard, Nike, BradescoJ&J, Nokia, Microsoft, P&G, Azul and EA.

There was a time when I left agencies for 2 years and focused on working only with startups. The first one was Polarr.co, which took me even closer to the photograph's universe and then Contadd that sent me back to the advertising world. 

For the last 4 years, I have dedicated part of my daily-time doing digital marketing consulting and co-creating content, contributing to build and launch products/services for startups and companies like Land Rover, Twitter, Samsung, TNTChevroletMcDonald's, Bradesco, MasterCard and United Nations.

It is nice to know that I grew up in a rural area called Catanduva, which significantly shaped my simple mindset and photographic style. It reflects in all my work from project manager to photography. From the project manager side, I am always working to make things simple and creating products or services that have a purpose and good impact on people’s lives. From the photography side, in order to inspire the viewer and portray my experiences realistically, I aim not only to document my travels in nature, but incorporate my personal interpretation with particular importance on composition and mood about this simple connection with the environment.

I am always wandering and because of that, I had visited 16 countries and over 60 cities around the world in 6 years such as: London Brighton, Paris, Brussels, Bangkok, Phuket, New York, Los Angeles, Carmel, Monterey, San Francisco, Amsterdam, Athens, Copenhagen, Oslo, Bergen, Lofoten, Faroe Islands, Mexico City, Chicago, Lima, Kingston, Guatemala City and obviously Brazil.